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Audition In 01/04/2024

Genesian Theatre Company is excited to announce auditions for our upcoming production, “[Title of Show]!” Directed by [Director’s Name], this production is looking for talented performers to bring this story to life. Whether you are a seasoned actor or new to the stage, we encourage you to audition.

Production Details:

  • Show Dates: [Insert dates]
  • Rehearsal Period: [Insert rehearsal start date] to [Insert final rehearsal date]. [Insert any notes about rehearsal frequency or special schedule notes].
  • Venue: [Insert venue name and address]

Roles Available:

[List of characters, including a brief description of each role, age range, and any specific requirements such as accent, singing, or dancing skills]

Audition Details:

  • Date: [Insert audition dates]
  • Time: [Insert time range]
  • Location: [Insert audition location and address]
  • What to Prepare: [Instructions on what to prepare for the audition, such as monologues, songs, dance routines, etc. Include length and style if necessary].
  • Callback Information: [If applicable, insert callback date and what will be expected].

How to Sign Up:

  • Please register for your audition slot by [insert how to sign up: link, email, phone number].
  • [Insert any additional signup instructions, such as preparing a headshot and resume].

Additional Information:

  • [Insert any other information auditionees need to know, such as if there is a participation fee, if performers will be compensated, parking information, etc.]
  • For questions or more information, please contact [insert contact information].

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of [Title of Show]! Whether you’re looking to make your stage debut or add another role to your acting portfolio, we can’t wait to see your talent shine. Sign up for your audition today!